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"The colors on this print is amazing. I will definitely buy from this shop again."

Sousselle Fecunda on May 5, 2021 ( GeosArtGallery on Etsy)

"Came beautifully packaged AND *signed by the artist* (and store owner). I’m a Mandeville woman but this beautiful depiction of deeply historical Spanish Town square in the 80’s really impressed me. The additional original signature on the print was a wonderful touch and a real honour. Nuff respect!"

Monique on Apr 11, 2021 ( GeosArtGallery on Etsy)

"Great Fathers Day gift!"

Dawn on Apr 26, 2021 ( GeosArtGallery on Etsy)

"This really does remind of my childhood, a beautiful print!

Shaun on Aug 14, 2020 ( GeosArtGallery on Etsy)

Who is behind Geo's Art Expressions?